Why Self learning is so essential?

Keeping yourself updated is a very crucial to your career advancement. Earlier self learning was considered to be a huge thing, but now it not so difficult. Self learning is all about learning…


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A Long Walk

February 2, 2020 (Bible Devotional)

Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam. He was born through the lineage of Seth. After our first parents sinned, God cursed the ground for their sake. Both the man and woman were subject to the additional burden they would have avoided if they remained faithful. Yet, God still promised that he will redeem mankind to himself. God did not abandon the human race after they disobey his command.

A few generations after Adam, people started to experience death. The event has become so common that many failed to realize that death was an enemy. Mankind adopted the mindset that all would die. The reason that there is no difference between those practicing evil or good. After all, man dies. And it seemed that all man dies regardless of how they lived.

Even amid this philosophy, God always had his faithful followers. They were many who remained true to God. Despite the prevailing false ideas that prevailed during the flood, Enoch decided to walk with God. He saw that the law of God was established for the wellbeing of the human race. While others might decide to live as they pleased, Enoch devoted himself to glorify God in all things. His life was very distinct from his contemporaries.

Finally, God took Enoch. This stands as evidence to the inhabitants of the world that there is a difference between the righteous and the wicked. Not all will be overcome by death. Even though all died, those who trust and obey God will receive life, and even life eternal. Let us not presumed like those who live during Enoch’s time that all will die. The Bible is clear that we should not all sleep. And the faithful ones who stung by death will soon be resurrected to reunite with the living saints.

If you could walk with God, how long would you hike?

The Prayer — Heavenly Father, I want to live to please you. I do not desire to live life carelessly. Help me to become compassionate and helpful to others.

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