The Whole Truth about Whole Grains.

When diving into the fascinating world of grains, we come across two primary types: whole and refined. Each type possesses unique properties and influences our health in distinct ways. But what…


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How to pack a tent in a backpack

Are you thinking of going hiking? Or do you want to go for a fun camping trip?. Well, in both cases it means that you are carrying a tent with you. And if you do not know how to carry your tent in a backpack in the right way, you are in a big crisis of carrying a heavy backpack. While exploring the beautiful sights presented by mother nature. You should make your journey as easy as possible. And the best way to make your journey full of convenience is to know how to pack a tent in your backpack in an ideal way. In this article, we will tell you how to pack a tent in the best possible way to avoid any suffering.

If you are not packing your tent right, your trek decision is going to be the worst decision ever. Your heavy backpack will leave you thinking twice about going for hiking again. It can also become responsible for your back injuries and swollen feet.

There are two methods of carrying your tent in your backpack depending on the type of backpack you have. Two types of backpack available for purchase are

Packing a tent inside internal frame backpacks

If you have an internal frame backpack, start packing your tent by laying your tent in a flat pattern. Place the tent poles in their bag and line the bag up along the side of the tent. Start rolling the tent as straight as possible using a pole bag as an aid to provide firmness. While rolling the tent tighten it to make sure that the tent is shaking less space. Now open the tent’s bag and stuff your tent into it. Place this tightly packed tent into the bottom of your backpack followed by lighter items at the top.

Packing a tent outside external frame backpack

In order to pack your tent in an external frame backpack, you will need a waterproof “stuff bag” and compression straps. In this backpack, the tent will attach to the exterior part of the backpack. For packing a tent in this type of backpack you will require to roll your tent and then attach it to the outside of your pack. It is better to use closed-loop ties to protect your tent from sliding off.

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