Five Tips to Consider When Starting Your New Job

I made it successfully through my first week at my new job and wanted to share some tips with others who may be struggling as they navigate their first few weeks within a new organization. Below are…


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Frederick and the Truck

Frederick was at it again. Despite his mother’s wishes, he was digging tunnels this morning. Of course, she didn’t know that…yet.

Frederick started in the back pasture, shovel in hand and dug to his 8 year old heart’s content.

Just a little bit further, he thought.

He rounded the edge of the pasture and came to the forest. He knew because, well, those nasty trees put roots all in his path. That’s ok he thought. I’ll just dig around them.

He started to get tired, but just a little bit further.

He cleared the tree roots, but now, he didn’t know for sure where he was. He’d never walked this far above ground, and certainly never this far underneath it.

He was excited. “Excelsior!”

Now he didn’t feel tired anymore. He was going faster than he’d ever dug before. Today was a big day.

Just then, his mother realized that she didn’t hear Frederick anywhere. I hope he didn’t disappear again! That boy, she thought.

She ran out on the porch and looked left and right. There was no sign of Frederick anywhere. “Frederick,” she yelled. Then she saw it. There was a large pile of dirt in the back pasture.

“Not again!”

She ran to the hole and then saw the raised line of the tunnel weaving this way and that. It headed toward the forest. She started following it at a run. It was much harder once it started threading through the forest, dodging trees here and there.

She burst out of the woods and saw a road ahead on the other side of a field. Oh no! The tunnel headed straight toward it. She could see the new ground being pushed up quickly, going forward at a blistering pace. “Frederick!!!”

It plunged right under the road. But it didn’t come out the other side. She ran as fast as she could. When she was only a few feet away, dirt and pavement exploded up in great chunks and dust from the middle of the street.

“Excelsior!!!” Frederick had broken through. His triumphant yell echoed over his new domain. As the dust cleared, he was confused. Where am I?

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