NFL Mock Draft 1.0

This mock draft was made on January 2nd, 2020. A lot has changed since then so I will post my other newer mock drafts. Hope you guys enjoy this one and please leave your thoughts down below.


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Ever have this constant fear that you are going to end up alone in the future? or do you fear that the people who are here with you right now are probably going to leave you alone soon? This is common for a lot of us, and having this fear is normal. But if you keep having these thoughts often and every time you think of them, you end up having a breakdown or anything even merely similar to this, please take some time and read this. If you know anyone experiencing a similar situation, read this to help them.

Autophobia or homophobia is the fear of being left out or the fear of being alone. This is very common in this generation, especially because of the pandemic. People may not completely have this phobia, but it can initially develop in them after being rejected or neglected by the people around them.

People who have been isolated from friend groups or cannot fit in any friend group are the ones who have a very hard time. They constantly start wondering if they will ever be socially accepted. They start wondering what their life will be like, with no one around them. Thinking about this loneliness, and worrying frequently about it, are some of the major symptoms of this phobia.

Autophobia is a situational phobia. The situation which they are currently in can be the reason for the development of this phobia. If they find people who stick to them and are loved and accepted by the people around them, they can be cured of this phobia. This is something which we can show to everyone around us. Not just the ones suffering from the phobia, but even to completely normal people.

No one hates the feeling of being loved and accepted. We all need that constant assurance that someone is always going to be there for us. The more people around, the safer we feel. For some of us, just a few people are enough to make us feel whole. This can prevent phobias like this from developing in the first place.

Phobias are not taken seriously these days, and people feel this constant need to make fun of the ones who open up about their phobias. But if the ones suffering do not open up, they are left to struggle on their own, when all they need is support from people around them. Just some kindness from our side can go a long way.

We could all start off by just acknowledging the fact that different people have different thoughts and feelings. Not everyone can handle a situation very boldly. Some of us need some time to process things happening around us, some of us need someone to hold our hand and support us constantly. It is completely okay however you are.

Let us try and be there for each other. Try to listen to what each of us has to say, before judging and making fun of them. We could encourage people to open up and when they do, make them feel special and safe. Make them feel like a part of everything that is going on. Support them when they are going through a hard time. Do not leave anyone alone, because they are different. Small things like this, can impact the lives of many people.

And to the people who are experiencing even the slightest fear of being alone, please know that even though things seem bad there are many good people around you too, and they are going to find you and help you really soon. You are not going to be alone. This world is not entirely a bad place.

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