Tiffany Fights to Save the Gnomes

When Chester passed a rule outlawing gnomes in the HOA, Tiffany mobilized the Featherweight Party to fight back. The yard signs went up: Save the Gnomes! Tiffany filed a complaint charging housing…


独家优惠奖金 100% 高达 1 BTC + 180 免费旋转 Is Expanding to All 50 US States is ramping up expansion into all 50 US states, a major milestone in the company’s mission to reshape the landscape of e-commerce.

Currently operates in 22 states, distributing thousands of products across hundreds of different brands. Now, with our continued expansion, the power of’s network and technology will bring hyper-local delivery to large and small businesses across the United States.’s expansion will elevate the company to new levels of success by doubling its customer base and in turn, increasing brand value. Businesses that were once limited by geography or the high costs of hiring in-house delivery people, will benefit greatly from’s network of freelance drivers. These businesses now have the opportunity to come online and compete within the competitive on-demand delivery industry.

The Corona virus pandemic has played a major role in the growth of hyper-local delivery — a marketplace that caters to the needs of a limited geographic area. Think grocery delivery or ordering from restaurants. Pandemic-driven lockdowns, social distancing and fears of public spaces increased the popularity of on-demand apps that could provide these services without consumers having to leave their houses.

While we’ve seen the events of this past year affect businesses uniquely, it’s clear that many of those that require face-to-face interaction with customers, are losing their footing. Which is why, businesses that can offer their services via doorstep delivery and without contact, have the competitive edge. aims to make hyper-local delivery available to as many businesses as possible. is the market-leader in decentralized e-commerce delivery. As the company grows and expands across all 50 US states, it is our mission to reshape the industry and provide delivery solutions for businesses everywhere.


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