Frederick and the Truck

He rounded the edge of the pasture and came to the forest. He knew because, well, those nasty trees put roots all in his path. That’s ok he thought. I’ll just dig around them. He cleared the tree…


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Is Blockchain the Future of Social Media?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain and Security

Security and the decentralization of information is the most enticing attribute of blockchain to many social media users. Blockchain is the safest known way to transfer value or information or value between two people without the fear of a third party stealing that information. On a centralized network there will always be a single point of failure which can be exploited to bring down that network. Blockchain, however, is decentralized meaning there is no single point of failure. Blockchains work through peer to peer networks (P2P) where everyone using the network that the blockchain is running on gets a full copy of the blockchain on their computer. This can be used to verify that everything is in order and nothing has been tampered with. When a new block is created it is sent to everyone on the network. Each node verifies the block ensuring that is has not been tampered with and — if accepted as a valid block — is added to the blockchain on everyone’s computer. Blocks that have been tampered with are rejected by the nodes in the network. The only way to hack the entire blockchain without the network being alerted would be to alter all of the blocks at the same time which would require massive amounts of computing power.

Blockchain and Social Media

Major Takeaways

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