Is Blockchain the Future of Social Media?

Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that has many potential applications to solve security issues. Blockchain is so important that many scientists have made the bold claim that blockchain is…


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Tiffany Fights to Save the Gnomes

A 50-word story for the prompt: sign

When Chester passed a rule outlawing gnomes in the HOA, Tiffany mobilized the Featherweight Party to fight back. The yard signs went up:
Save the Gnomes!
Tiffany filed a complaint charging housing discrimination. “Gnomes sleep in the underworld in winter,” she said. “When the weather turns warm, they are homeless!”

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The illusion of hopelessness

We are told that violence is inevitable, an unfortunate part of the way things are. And that the way things are cannot change. Russian military forces invaded a sovereign nation on February 24th… Is Expanding to All 50 US States is ramping up expansion into all 50 US states, a major milestone in the company’s mission to reshape the landscape of e-commerce. Join the Telegram channel for the latest…