Benefits of Using Facebook as a Business Owner

Facebook is social networking vitality that connects individuals collectively based upon networks. Networks could also be based upon a wide array of points and based upon the small print you provide…


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Why Self learning is so essential?

Keeping yourself updated is a very crucial to your career advancement. Earlier self learning was considered to be a huge thing, but now it not so difficult. Self learning is all about learning anything that interests us in our own pace with self accountability. Self learning is a great habit mostly practiced by self motivated people. Self learning is very difficult if a person is not self motivated, since there is no one to encourage, motivate and remind us to do it on a regular basis.

Self-learning is becoming more and more popular these days because of our fast paced busy lives. And also the amount of time we spend in travelling to and fro to work, there is only so much time left for us to engage ourselves in learning activities. Self learning is essential for many obvious reasons that one deny.

Self learning is stress-free. You are self accountable for whatever you learn. There are no exams to evaluate us. It is purely based on our interest and enthusiasm to learn certain skill.

Since self learning is something that a person starts because of pure interest in the subject/skill, a person will be more enthusiastic to accomplish it on time. There is no urge to answer someone or reach certain deadline.

There are different mediums to choose from if you decide to self learn. You can either learn from videos, experimentation, text, attending webinars, listening to podcasts, practicing a skill on your own pace etc.

There need not be a particular time to dedicate for self learning. You can set your own time and change time as per your convenience.

You can get expertise on multiple skills eventually if you make self learning a habit. Once you get into momentum, it is hard to quit self learning because there are hundreds of thousands of skills a person can learn and make use of.

Choosing the skill or topic that interests you and that you are enthusiastic about will keep you on track of self learning. Otherwise, it is not difficult to derail your plans or quit a topic because there is no external accountability.

If there is only one habit we can make, I recommend self learning to be made a habit so that you can improve yourself on a regular basis and keep yourself updated.

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